Tracy Negrete

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Creativity played a big part in my childhood, you could always find me as a child doodling and crafting. I have never stopped since. I continued my love for the arts by studying art and receiving my Associates Degree in Graphic Design.

I have always loved the thought of creating something out of nothing, and bringing an idea to life.

Painting is my passion; it’s a form of release for me. My mind is constantly racing with shapes and colors then my imagination begins to form ideas. When I execute my ideas I receive a sense of total fulfillment.  I mainly paint in Acrylics but I dabble in all mediums from water color, spray paint to sculpting I love to constantly learn new ways to create. Not only do I paint and create for personal satisfaction but for bringing joy to others too. Sharing my art with others plays a major role in why I am driven to create. I plan to bring my artwork to T Shirts this year and create more public art for the community to enjoy.

I am very excited for my progression in the arts, not only for my personal evolvement but also with Squeeze Art Collective. We aspire to continue to open new pathways and create opportunities for artists of all ages along with servicing our community.

Tracy Negrete

Co-Founder Squeeze Art Collective