Doodlefest at Rebel Bite


Doodlefest started out as some casual get-togethers at David Hedden's apartment in 2011. Just some drinks and some drawing to brainstorm ideas and relax after a long day. It became a little legendary so we took it to the streets!

Today, Doodlefest is a free monthly event we hold at different bars and event spaces around Long Beach. The idea is to invite non-artists and artists alike to get together, have a drink, doodle, and have fun. Sometimes we have themes, sometimes the themes find us.

Come find us every third Wednesday - look at the calendar to know where we'll be next!

From our special Pabst Blue Ribbon contest, November 2016.

From our special Pabst Blue Ribbon contest, November 2016.

Monthly Art Shows at Roxanne's

Since the summer of 2015, Squeeze has been partnering with Roxanne's Bar in the California Heights district of Long Beach to host monthly art shows.

The owner, Robert Molina, and his amazing staff members Bryant Orozco and Manisha Dhanak help book bands and promote the event along with donating their walls to us for two weeks out of the month.

Sometimes these shows are themed for a special event the bar is hosting, at others they're themed to match the time of year.

Most importantly though, is the support Roxanne's is giving us by promoting our members and other local artists! Stop by between the first and third Sundays of the month to catch fresh art.

Want to be in one of these shows? Check out our artist calls for the newest opportunity.

first fridays in bixby knolls

Squeeze Art Collective showcases artwork at the Bixby Knolls First Friday Art walk featuring a revolving group of artists. 

taff expo

On March 21st, Squeeze Art Collective partnered up with the TAFF Expo and WE Labs to curate art for their 2nd event benefitting Enlightenment To Our Youth Foundation. Held at Made in Long Beach, TAFF Expo provides a platform for businesses, entrepreneurs, developers, and creatives to promote their products, services, and skills directly to the community and to other taste makers in their industry.

The event featured a collection of art from members Heather McMillenAia White-PodueTracy NegreteKatie Phillips, and Sean McErlane, several virtual reality experiences including a demo with an Oculus Rift, a beautifully put together fashion show featuring local black fashion designers, musicians, food, local beer makers, and craft cocktails from The Stache Bar.

figure drawing at the studio

Join Us

We host uninstructed figure drawing sessions every first and third Thursday of the month. We have a revolving selection of models - some beginners and some professionals. The environment is open and friendly, with no judgement or critique and all skill levels are welcome! 

Live Painting

Selected members are given the opportunity to live paint at community events and also local business events.

art exchange 2nd saturdays

community events

Squeeze has been invited to several community events. We've posted some video and photos from the Bully Free Zone hosted by Autism in Long Beach. This event's purpose was to raise awareness for Autism and to create a safe bully-free zone for everyone to enjoy.

dia de los muertos altar contest at molaa 2014

At the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach, California, the Dia de los Muertos celebration is the biggest and most important event of the year. And, the ofrendas are in the spotlight! We placed 2nd in the contest, making this our first major display at a museum. 

green long beach portable mural

Squeeze was invited to paint and decorate a portable mural for Catalyst Center for Urban Sustainability's grand opening at the HUB. We were provided with a portable billboard, paints, and upcycled decor. We decided to paint the bluff of Long Beach and decorated it with wine corks, old paint chip samples, bottle caps, and other odds and ends found at the Creative Reuse Depot. 

green long beach! festival

Squeeze set up two booths at the Green LB! 2nd Annual Green Festival. One was an interactive painting table which children painted on recycled cardboard and the other table displaying our collectives members art. 

This year’s festival theme, “Turning the Tide” brings together businesses, government and individuals, to encourage open discussion and promote awareness.

The Long Beach Green Festival will include a whole day of eco-minded activities: Educational Sustainability Classes & Workshops; Visual Arts displays; live performing arts; public discussions; interactive informational and business booths; and the Saturday Organic Farmer’s Market.

change of ages

Squeeze was asked to participate in Shift Long Beach's Change of Ages show. Using the idea that the end of the Mayan Long Count is a doorway to a new, more conscious world, they had 5 doors that artists altered in whatever way they chose in order to convey that idea. 

santiago uncensored

Santiago Uncensored is a variety show host, coordinating various events from open mics to comedy nights. Santiago continues to showcase local bands, artists, poets, comedians, dancers and musicians throughout the community at local venues & events. If you’re looking for a host for your next event, contact 

night dive at aquarium of the pacific

a bird in the hand

A one-day art show at the Green Prize Festival. Featuring the art of Katie PhillipsTracy Negrete, Celine Quiming, David HeddenRhett JohnsonAlan CarvalhoChristina ClayHope Escurra, Roxana VelasquezPriscilla IniguezAia White-PodueDanny Alvidrez, Glen Mann, Margie Darrow, and Cassandra Rowden.

green prize festival 2014 afterparty

To celebrate all the hard work the core team did, the main organizer and superwoman, Barbie Sommars, hosted an afterparty that included our collective's artwork! We showed some work that we had at the festival from the A Bird in the Hand show as well as some additional work. All pieces are still for sale. If you are interested in more details, email us

dia de los verdes 2014

Dia de los Verdes Facebook Page

Dia de los Verdes is a celebration of living sustainably. Of remembering to cherish what we have lost and to teach each other how to preserve what we have. Of celebrating through art, music, movement, food, community and ceremony. The traditional Dia de los Muertos is a day to remember loved ones through celebration and creativity, and we aspire to bring you a day to remember and celebrate our planet and all the gifts that she provides. We will have altars created by local artists and organizations, music, food, yoga and fun workshops. Farm tours and local community group activities will be set within the garden for all to enjoy. This event is a collaboration with Green Long Beach, Squeeze Art Collective, Mixt Media Arts, the Growing Experience, and more.

Video Credit: Sherman Wellons

taff expo 2014 at the main public library, long beach

Squeeze hosted the art element of the first annual TAFF EXPO.


Long Beach, CA June 9th, 2014

TAFF Event was a huge success with over 400 in attendance!

The 2014 TAFF Expo took place at the Long Beach Public Library in Downtown Long Beach this past Saturday afternoon. Standing for Tech-Art-Fashion-Food, this one-day event exhibited current & future trends in emerging technologies, contemporary art, wearable fashion, and sustainable agriculture in our growing communities.

viento y agua - dia de los muertos show

Squeeze artists Katie Phillips and Tracy Negrete had art up at Viento y Agua for purchase during their Dia de los Muertos exhibit in 2014. 


Switchfoot was Squeeze's first benefit show raising over $400 for ASK Long Beach. We asked 30 artists to incorporate new or recycled skate decks into their work to support keeping kids out of gangs by being involved in a more positive lifestyle of skating.