We are looking for visual artists to participate in the inaugural Shhh! Secret Art Show at the new Enter Through the Gift Shop Gallery on Saturday, July 11th 2015. The show takes place in a secret hidden gallery inside the walls of Made in Long Beach. To get in, you have to use the secret password of putting your finger to your lips and saying "shhhh" at the door. 

Location Address: 
236 Pine Ave., Long Beach CA 90803


We are looking to pack this gallery full of artwork. The theme is Secrets. This show will be up for 90 days. You can show as many pieces as you like. 

Leading up to the opening, Made in Long Beach is hosting a weekly Art-a-thon on Sundays from 2pm-8pm with event organizer Jesse Miller. They are giving away 18x24" (approx size) wooden and masonite panels for you to make art on! BYOArt Supplies and create some panels to sell for $100/each. These will be shown in addition to your other artwork. Check our calendar for the Art-a-thon dates. 

***If you want to be in this show, you must come to one of the Art-a-thons.***

Interested artists should come to Made on any of the Art-a-thon Sundays between 2pm-8pm to meet Jesse Miller, Mike Baker, or Katie Phillips.