Squeeze Art Collective is hosting a one-day group art show at The Green Prize Festival on Saturday April 30th, 2016 from 11am-7pm at Admiral Kidd Park (2125 Santa Fe Ave., Long Beach)!

Sea Change See Change is the art theme of this year's Green Prize Festival. The term sea-change is often used to mean a metamorphosis or alteration. Our ocean is undergoing dramatic change due to our climate conditions which is being made worse with massive amounts of trash being dumped into it daily. This show is to help bring awareness to what our part can be in helping change our attitudes towards harming the biggest oxygen-producing area of our planet along with countless plants and sea creatures.

Artists will be chosen to create sea-themed art using litter found on the shore. You may make as many pieces as you like!

A 20% commission will be taken from the sale of your piece. Curators will be on-hand to help sell your work. Please price your work to sell for the best results. 

Squeeze Art Collective will provide walls for rental. Our walls have a 4x4' area to hang on and you may rent them for $10/ea. All art must be hang-ready and be provided with appropriate hanging hardware. (For example, if your piece is over 50 pounds, please make sure your hanging hardware can take the weight.) If your piece won't hang on the wall, please provide a way for us to display it.

Deadline for submissions is Friday, April 8th at midnight. 

Please bring your hang-ready art the day of the festival between 8am - 10:30am along with your hanging hardware. Details of the location of the show will be shared soon!

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Walls have a 4x4' hanging area and are 6' tall. They're made of lightweight wood. Rent walls by clicking the link in the second paragraph.