martin eggiman jr.

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Martin Eggiman Jr grew up down an old gravel road in a small paper mill town called Camas Washington. It was just a stone throw away from Portland Oregon, a city that is known for its love of art and for having the slogan “Keep Portland Weird”. 

He graduated from the Art Institute of Portland in 2008 with B.S in Graphic Design. In 2013, he left Portland and moved to Long Beach California where he got married, and a year later celebrated the birth of his first born son.

Over the years, Martin tried to come up with his own style and identity with his fine art by studying well known artists, like Mark Ryden, Todd Schorr and Gill Elvgren. He experimented with many different mediums and styles. His favorite of which are oil paints and pyrography (woodburning). He sees pyrography as over looked style with lots of potential.

Martin continues to look for new ways to improve his skills and to display his art. With a strong support from his family, he will continue to grow as an artist.