La Rosa

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Art is about the creation of provoking emotion and sharing that beauty with others. The highest beauty of art is living in the awareness of feeling. It’s remarkable to be in the presence and realization of what the artist is feeling, to grasp his sense of wonder and honesty, his love and spiritedness, as well as his madness and chaos.

 In the midst of his own self-astonishment, La Rosa came to being. 

La Rosa works with charcoal, ink, acrylic, watercolor, and spray paint. The artist is inspired by the nature of human emotion, the interpretation of beauty, a wild sense of youth, and the ultimate experience of adventure. 

The artist is a California native who currently resides in Long Beach, CA.

La Rosa is a self-taught artist whose works can be seen on the streets of urban California, walls of friendly owners, album covers, and various announced shows. His works has also been featured with the Lakewood Family YMCA and recognized in KTLA  5 News.