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   In a whimsical world of wood, imaginative workings towards feminism and its enigmatic nature. 

The organic element of the raw wood in contrast to the miniature details Cassandra Rowden’s pieces help form an other worldly feel. Cassandra Rowden asks the audience to imagine the rest of the story of each piece. 

     The imagination of Tim Burton, Dr. Suess, Stanley Kubrick and religious paintings such as the Tilma have inspired her pieces. Cassandra enjoys working in basswood, acrylics, and powdered pigments. When viewing her pieces from one direction you may see a non-iridescent forms or different colors than viewing in another direction. Each piece is created under a magnifying lens to help with sharpness and intricate detail.

      Cassandra’s philosophy is, “When you are self-taught, you never lose your artistic value.” As a native to Long Beach and a self-taught artist, she has had serendipitous artist opportunities fall into place. In 2014 she joined Squeeze Art Collective. Squeeze has helped her grow as an artist and learn many attributes to help her move forward. 


Film. "Ballard of Little Bill" Storyboard and character design. 2012
Aquarium of the Pacific.  Future Past. 2014
Film. "Kate Can't Swim" Concept art. 2015
Aquarium of the Pacific. Carnival. 2015
Green Prize Festival exhibiting artist. 2014- now