String Balloon Ornaments

The Holiday's are here and its time to decorate!! 

I was doing some research on how to DIY ornaments and I came across this super easy project.  Basically all you need is balloons, craft glue and string.  Once complete Ill post pics of the ornaments actually hanging.

Unravel some string and tie to the knot of the balloon.

Pour Elmer's glue or craft glue into a deep bowl, add a little water to make the glue easier to work with.  Unroll a few yards of cotton string and push it down into the bowl. String can be any color or thickness depending on the effect you want.

Blow up a small balloon to whatever size you want your ornament to be.

Drape a few inches of the glue soaked string over the balloon and continue to wrap and wind the string all around the balloon in spiderweb fashion, creating a kind of mesh bag holding the balloon.

Hang the ornament over the shower rod or anywhere it can be suspended to dry on all sides.  Put down plenty of newspapers beneath the balloon to take care of any drips.  Let the string dry overnight.

Pop the balloon with a pin when the string is thoroughly dry.  You'll be able to pull the balloon out through the opening at the top of the balloon where you tied the string. 

Decorate with Bows or ribbon of choice. 

Do not attempt to remove balloon before string is completely dry or the string will just crumble.  Do not attempt to leave out in the sun or low dry, just let it dry naturally. 

It only takes about a day to dry. Enjoy!