5 Benefits of Doodling

Artwork by Katie Phillips

Artwork by Katie Phillips

Humans have been doodling for more than 30,000 years! Some famous people who've been known to doodle include Leonardo DaVinci, George Washington, Thomas Edison, Vladimir Nabokov, and Bill Gates. Studies show that people who doodle are better problem solvers, retain information, have improved memory and focus, and are not as stressed. 

We have a monthly doodle event called Doodlefest that we invite everyone to regardless of formal art training. Join us for our next one - or start a doodle fest in your city!

1. Stretch Your Creativity

Doodling can get you past the knee-jerk response to a challenge. Sometimes you can surprise yourself with an answer just by making marks on paper. It takes the pressure off of creating a perfect solution right off the bat because it's informal and you can do whatever you want!

2. Retain Information

Doodling increases information retention by 29%!

3. Improve Your Focus And Memory

Doodling is like a snapshot in time. It can bring back memories and details you may otherwise forget. For example, in the doodle above, I remember specifically who was sitting to my left and right as well as who our keynote speaker was and what issues were at hand.

4. Destress

Doodling helps to calm your mind and declutters thinking. It also helps taper an emotional response to difficult situations. Next time something challenging happens, whip out your pencil and paper and draw something!

5. Problem Solve

Sketching activates areas of the brain that help analyze information.

So, next time someone tells you to stop doodling and pay attention, tell them it's all part of the learning process. Then draw a mustache on their face.




The Aquarium Of The Pacific Presents Night Dive Featuring Squeeze Artists

This Friday Squeeze Artists Katie Phillips, David Hedden, Tracy Negrete and Cassandra Rowden will be exhibiting their Teepee Instillation with new designs made especially for the nights event.

Check out the detailed information below:

Ladies and gentlemen, step right up to the most amazing circus under the sea! Circus freaks (and the normal folks too) are invited to a Night Dive for unimaginable fun with awe-inspiring feats of our animals, colorful spectacles of beauty, and the thrills of live music and art.

Take in the Aquarium at night, when the lights go down and the bubble curtain goes up in Honda Blue Cavern. In the usual Night Dive tradition, enjoy cocktails, food trucks, music from local bands, DJs spinning in the Aquarium’s galleries, and works of art. Come one, come all!


Art exhibition curated by Miranda Castillo featuring a selection of local artists.

Full list of Artists who will be participating in Night Dive: 

Luciano Paesani
Julie Hassett of Let's Gogh Paint! 
Squeeze Art Collective (featuring Katie Phillips, Tracy Negrete, David Hedden, and Cassandra Rowden)
Cecily Willis 
Eddie Jelinet 
Shani Lasana 
Deborah Wright 
Jonathan Baker 
Kenny McBride 
Sarah Watters 
Lowell Nickel 
Helena Julin-Bowman 
Vivianne Bowman


  • Ashing Velvets
  • Time and Energy
  • Baast
  • The Dagons

DJ Sets

  • Hawkeye (Sunset Sundays, Futurehouse.net)
  • (dj)misterbill
  • Chris Ziegler (LA Record)
  • The All Mighty Nectar and more!

Food Truck Lineup

  • The Grilled Cheese Truck
  • Mangia
  • Crepes Bonaparte
  • Nestor’s Taco
  • Tornado Potato
  • LuckDish
  • Kona Ice
  • Me So Hungry

Guest Speaker

Aquarist Josh Wagner dives into the beautiful and mysterious world of sea jellies.

FRIDAY, JUN 26, 2015 | 7:00 PM–11:00 PM

Cost: $14.95.

Aquarium members get in FREE.
(Bar drinks sold separately)

Members get in free.  Simply show your card at the entrance.
Buy tickets online http://www.aquariumofpacific.org

AGES18+. Alcohol will only be available for purchase to those 21 and over who have valid ID.