arnold puentes, jr.

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Arnold A. Puentes, Jr. was raised in Anaheim, California. As a child he would clip out comic strips from the Orange County Register and spend hours drawing Garfield, Marvin, and Peanuts characters. The caricature artists at fairs and amusement parks were also an influence on him. Throughout his early education he enrolled in various art classes to sharpen his skills in drawing, design, and commercial art. 

Two years after graduating from Esperanza High School, Arnie enlisted in the Marine Corps. While in Bootcamp, he was given the billet of Artist Recruit and took part in designing the platoon banner for the rifle range. Drawing was the go to in the “hurry-up-and-wait" hours of field training operations and downtime at the barracks.  After serving 4 Honorable years he continued his art education by enrolling in courses in Graphic Design and Art History.  

In 2006, Arnie began to experiment with acrylic painting. He finds it less restrictive to be a self-taught painter as it allows him to freely be creative and self forgiving. He has been commissioned on several pieces of art and also has murals located within residence and businesses throughout Orange County.

Artist Arnie works as a licensed Barber at Downey Dave’s Barbershop, where he provides tonsorial services in the Traditional style. He is actively involved with local art shows, is a donor and volunteer in East LA for El Sereno Community Arts, and recently became a member of Squeeze Art Collective in his resident city of Long Beach.