Aia White-Podue

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My art journey began by drawing/painting, specifically symbolic art around 1995. After a couple of years, I began doing commissioned portraits as it was more lucrative. This did not satisfy my need to create truly original, imaginative art and so quit entirely to pursue other creative endeavors. At the end of 2011, I returned to drawing and now painting symbology.

At our studio, Luna Rising, my husband Nick and I sponsor events and help other artists turn their art into high-quality products for today’s leaner economy. I also donate my art for fund-raising.

We offer reproductions and prints which, along with originals, have sold in the U.S., London, Saudi Arabia and Japan. Also, Nick is now using my images to make jewelry and cards, which we have for sale at our studio and in local stores. Everything is done here at Luna Rising Art Studio with a conscious effort to buy American-made parts to try to create complete “made in the USA” art.