Our mission at Squeeze Art Collective is to inspire artists to create and promote local art within the community.  We empower, encourage and support local artists and create a platform for them to share their artistic vision. We create a bond between local artists local businesses and the surrounding community. We facilitate collaboration between artists of all mediums.

How we began:

When Tracy Negrete started a small ladies’ paint club in 2011, she did it to bring some artistic passion into her friends’ lives. She didn’t know of any other group out there that could bring artists together to inspire each other and collaborate to create something better. They worked in her small studio apartment, making paintings and drawings and becoming closer friends. She met Katie Phillips soon after that, and after discovering she was also an artist, quickly shared her idea. It was that fateful meeting that began the transformation of the humble paint club into Squeeze Art Collective.

We started with small shows at local bars in Long Beach and discovered the need for a collective of artists in our community. The support and enthusiasm that greeted us inspired us to try hard to make a group of artists come into existence. We introduced themed show ideas to venues and events and were warmly welcomed as the newest and only true art collective in Long Beach.

After a few growing pains and more experiences under our belt, we have built a strong network of artists and a history of shows and events that continue to garner us more recognition and opportunities, for which we are profoundly grateful. In 2013, we felt we had something that was too important to keep to ourselves and became an artist-owned and operated LLC, extending our partnership to David Hedden, a local innovator, farmer, and creative wellspring of ideas.

We have since hosted or participated in over 20 events, shows, and fundraisers. We’ve moved from our garages and apartments into a dedicated studio space where we host exhibits, workshops, monthly round-table member meetings, and will soon offer classes. Businesses and organizations approach us with new collaborative ideas several times a month. We continue to develop and grow and look forward to building a more collaborative, artistic future with our neighbors and friends.

Our partnerships include Green Long Beach!, The Growing Experience Urban Farm, MADE, Autism in Long Beach, Building Healthy Communities, We Labs, Arts Council for Long Beach, Art Exchange, Bixby Knolls Art Walk and more.

If you’d like to work with us, send us an email to info@squeezeart.com today!

List of Venues/Galleries

Ashley's Bar & Grill - Day of the Dead Show - 2011

The Stache Bar - 2011 - Cat Scratch Fever Pin Up Girl Themed Show

Vayden Roi Gallery - 2012 - Peddler's Society - Switchfoot Show Benefitting Action Sports Kids Foundation

Bungalow Gallery - 2012 - ONE - Squeeze Art Collective's One Year Anniversary Show

Greencoast Hydroponics - 2012 - Customer Appreciation Day Event - Select Live Painters Booked

Green Long Beach Day - 2012 - Featured Artists at this community event hosted by Green Long Beach!

Greencoast Hydroponics - 2013 - Greencoast Employee Appreciation Annual Event  - Select Live Painters Booked at a private residence in San Diego

Autism Long Beach - 2013 - Autism Awareness Event - Children's Booth hosted by Squeeze Art Collective

TAFF Expo - 2014 - in collaboration with We Labs at the Central Public Library in downtown Long Beach, CA 

Green Prize Festival - 2014 - Curated art portion of the festival in collaboration with Green Long Beach!, Green Education Inc., Leadership Long Beach, ESR, Kress Market, & Mixt Media Arts

Dia de los Verdes Festival - 2014 - Planned and coordinated sustainability-focused event with Green Long Beach! at The Growing Experience Urban Farm

Dia de los Muertos Altar Contest - 2014 - Awarded 2nd Place in the annual altar contest

Dia de los Muertos Art Show - 2014 - Viento y Agua Coffee Shop

Squeeze Art Collective 1st Annual Holiday Party - 2014 - Private holiday party hosted by Squeeze Art Collective appreciating our artists, buyers, and collaborators.




Long Beach, CA

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